2016.07.06 | manutd.com / youtube.com


Yesterday José Mourinho held his first press conference as a Man Utd-manager and also gave a long interview with MUTV. He spoke highly of his new signing Zlatan.


JOSÉ MOURINHO: "Zlatan is Zlatan.

He wins year after year. His goal record is absolutely amazing, his passion for the game is incredible and it's only possible with his passion and ambition, with his CV, to make the decision at this stage of his career, for the biggest challenge of his career.

It's the biggest club he's ever played for and the most difficult competition he's ever played for. He is an amazing player.

I think it's a beautiful thing when a coach has a player and, a few years later, has him again. It is beautiful, absolutely beautiful because it means the relationship was fantastic from a personal point of view and the professional engagement was great too.

A few years later, we're back together so I'm happy with that and I know what he can bring to us."

Source: manutd.com / youtube.com.