2016.06.22 | Euro 2016


On today's press conference before Sweden's last Euro group stage game against Belgium, Zlatan announced that after this Euro Zlatan retire from playing for the Swedish national team.


Please start the video and then move on to youtube.com to watch Zlatan's announcement.

"The last game in Euro will be my last game with Sweden. I hope it will not be tomorrow.

I will not participate in the Olympics because the last game will be the last game Sweden plays in this Euro. Let's hope it goes on for as long as possible.

To finish with a disappointment, never. Because I'm very proud to be the captain of Sweden and what I have achieved.

I want to take this moment and thank all the supporters because they made it possible for me to achieve what I have achieved. Without them it would not be possible.

Wherever I go, wherever I come I will always bring the Swedish flag with me and stand with it. For me disappointment doesn't exist. Only pride and gratefulness. I'm very thankful. So thank you."

Thank you, Zlatan.

Thank YOU.