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Zlatan met the press after last night's magical game and celebrations. Watch or read the full interviews in the mixed the zone afterwards.


The feeling.. These celebrations.. How big is this for you?

ZLATAN: "I don't think I can describe it. From when we left the hotel until now.. The day has been special, very special. After four years."

Is this the biggest ever for you?

ZLATAN: "This is top-3, we can say. If we look at the total. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life. All the love I received today, well not just today but all the four years I have been here and the way I have given back. I will never forget this and it's something I will miss."

You seem so relaxed in your joy and also on the pitch after the goals.

ZLATAN: "I try to collect all energy and love I have received and stay in control. It hasn't been easy today. It's been... Well, not a hard day but it hasn't been easy controlling the emotions."

I met you at home in Malmö when you were a teenager and you sat and played video games and dreamed of playing with Ronaldo (El Fenomeno) in the attack. Now you are collecting your career, did it turn out the way you dreamed if you were to compare with your dreams?

ZLATAN: "It turned out even better. Even better and much more so I'm trying just to enjoy it. Enjoy every second and every minute and just collect it all. I will understand it better and enjoy it more afterwards when I've understood the whole picture."

Does anything remain or have you achieved everything?

ZLATAN: "I hope something remains or I would have to quit."

Are you thinking about Euro?

ZLATAN: "Absolutely. That's one of the adventures I look forward to."

What does it mean to you that EURO is played in France?

ZLATAN: "It means alot. After the ending like today, and we have one more game next week. What I've done for France.. To first come home (to Sweden) and then back here with my country to play means everything. We have supporters from France and Sweden now so we shouldn't complain about that."

Can you maintain your superform that long?

ZLATAN: "I just have to keep playing and enjoy my time on the pitch."

Is it only joy?

ZLATAN: "Joy and love."

It was a very nice moment when your sons entered the pitch. Were you prepared for their entrance?

ZLATAN: "Both no and yes. I knew some things were gonna happen during the game but I was only on the pitch to enjoy myself. Today was all about enjoyment and to collect all the love I received and give back, which I have done for four years. It feels amazing."

It was a bit emotional when you picked up them and walked off?

ZLATAN: "It was very emotional, something I will never forget."

How much is grief and how much is joy? How would you say it's divided?

ZLATAN: "I think it's 90 % joy and 10 % grief. I have never experienced and ending like this. I can't describe it. From day one when I came here and what I had to go through.

ZLATAN: "The saddest part is that I'm leaving the team. I have never been part of a group like this even though I've played in the biggest clubs. This was something special. Because those who came in the beginning.. It wasn't like in the clubs they played in before, it was to build up, build up, build up, both on and off the pitch. Four years later we can all recognoze that I made it."

"That was the vision, that's why I came here. It was a big challenge but I dealed with it all."

We're trying to gather this evening emotionally, where do we arrive?

ZLATAN: "Magical, I can't describe it. Everything went like it was supposed to. Exactly everything. From when I woke up to when I left the hotel, on the way in here.. It's indescribable. Best ending I could get. The best. I don't need more than that."

You looked very moved, Zlatan, during certain parts of the ceremony most of all.

ZLATAN: "I was very moved. Speciellt when the kids came in. If Zlatan sheds a tear, it's emotional. And that's what I did when the kids came in."

"King" and "Legend" on the shirts (on the kids), who came up with the idea?

ZLATAN: "It was probably themselves. One of them feels like a king and the other one like a legend. And I am those two things so it was a perfect combination."

You say it's been tough and an exciting project, what has been the hardest?

ZLATAN: "In the beginning. I came from Milan where everything was 100 % and perfect. We played on full stadiums, or wait, well it was also full here, but larger stadiums. And everything from going from a horrible pitch to the best one, well everything, all the small details which I was part of building. It wasn't easy, it was a huge transition. So I can stand here proud and say that I made it. "

Where will the dreams take you now, Zlatan?

ZLATAN: "To Euro. To get to experience Euro in France and just enjoy it. Then afterwards... We'll see."

You said you know where you are going.

ZLATAN: "I know where I'm going."

Is there a signature signed or is it almost there?

ZLATAN: "The future is written."

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