2016.02.10 | Zlatan Unplugged


Tonight Zlatan-goal number 26 and 27 of the season came when PSG took their 17th straight win in all competitions against Lyon. Six days left to Champions League against Chelsea and Zlatan is in raging form. Read his thoughts after tonight's game.


You won tonight’s match in the round of sixteen 3-0, and you delivered two goals. Congratulations on the win, the goals, and the advancement! What did you think of the match?

ZLATAN: "It was a good match, but not the best."

Two new goals and your fantastic scoring average got even better. Tell us about the goals.

ZLATAN: "It was almost two identical goals – an inward pass from the side, and I scored with one touch."

Maxwell, Lucas and Aurier assisted the goals tonight. Di Maria is on top in the Assist table, and you are in second postion. Who would you say is PSG’s best passer?

ZLATAN: "All 25."

The match against Chelsea is less than a week away. Are you and PSG ready for the Champions League playoffs?

ZLATAN: "There is one match left to play before that, then we will take Chelsea on."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.