2015.11.02 | Zlatan Unplugged


After sitting out the last game against Rennes Zlatan is hopefully ready to play against Real Madrid on Santiago Bernabéu tomorrow at 20.45. Read his thoughts before the game.


Tomorrow, you meet Real Madrid again, this time at Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid. The first match ended 0-0 after 90 cautious minutes where no one wanted to risk too much. Do you expect a similar match tomorrow?

ZLATAN: "It will be a completely different match tomorrow at Bernabéu."

In PSG’s last match, a 1-0 win against Rennes, you sat on the bench the whole match due to a stubborn cold. How do you feel today?

ZLATAN: "It feels a little better today."

In regards to this match, team captain Thiago Silva have said that this will be a tough match but you go to Madrid to win, and that you have a good chance to do so. Do you see PSG and Real Madrid as two equal teams, or does Project PSG still have a bit left to go?

ZLATAN: "PSG is still in the up-phase, while Real Madrid already has their team in place."

Your well-filled trophy cabinet still lacks a few big titles. World Cup gold, Euro gold, Olympic gold, or Champions League – which one would you prefer to add next?

ZLATAN: "There’s room for all of them…"

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.