2015.10.12 | fotbollskanalen.se


What do you say after the game?

ZLATAN: "What do I say? Before this call-up we were supposed to win two games and that's what we did. We are in playoff and we will do everything to get to EURO."

You scored again on Friends Arena. Tell us how important it was.

ZLATAN: "What's most important is to win the game. Who scored is less important, it's about the team scoring and winning the game. Now we are in playoff, who we will play there I don't know but it will not be easy. No matter what, we will do everything to get to EURO."

How is your achilles tendon?

ZLATAN: "Good, it felt good."

Had you wanted want to play on?

ZLATAN: "I had wanted to, yes."

What did these two games give, looking forward to what's ahead?

ZLATAN: "It was two must win-games. But already after the first one the group was pretty much decided. We had the chance to come second if the Russians had lost but there was not much chance of that happening so our goal was to secure the playoff which we did already in the first so.. Today we won and were hoping the Russians would lose but..."

Can the experience from playing playoff before be important in the upcoming games?

ZLATAN: "I think it's mixed. It's all about what happens at that exact time, it's nothing you can predict a month before. A lot can happen over the following month so we'll see. There are a few games in the club teams and then we'll have to wait and see who we will play. "

It got a bit slow and boring at the end, you must have felt it too. Is it understandable?

ZLATAN: "Nothing happened in the last thirty minutes so of course I understand. It could have been that we felt too relaxed, we were up 2-0 and slowed down the tempo, didn't create too many chances. Of course you want more. If I had been in the crowd, I had wanted more. But that's the way it goes sometimes."

We got to see both Guidetti and Lewicki, two U21-players people have been talking about. What do you think of their performance and their future in the national team?

ZLATAN: "It looks good. They need to get the time to grow in their roles and the more playing time they get, the more they will get into it. They both played 90 minutes and did it well. John created a lot of chances and with some luck he would have scored. Oscar was stabile in the middle and does what he is supposed to, maybe could have got up the tempo a little. "

How did the collaboration with Guidetti work?

ZLATAN: "We had some good combinations. He tried to find me, I tried to find him. Sometimes we lacked backup from the midfield but that's the way the game looked and it looks good."

If we are looking to the playoff, is there anyone you would prefer to get or not get?

ZLATAN: "I'd rather play a country I haven't played against before. But whoever we get it will be tough. This is like playing two finals. The opponent doesn't matter and whoever we play they will give 200 %, we will give 200 %. It's win or lose."

What's the keys you think?

ZLATAN: "Whoever makes less mistakes will go through."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.