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2015.06.25 | Zlatan Unplugged


While on holiday Zlatan has presented his new, own perfume, done some business with agent Mino Raiola and watched Sweden qualify to the U21-semifinals which secured Sweden's spot in the Olympics 2016, something Zlatan commented in his app.


These are the latest posts in Zlatan Unplugged:

24/6: "Congratulations to the U21 national team! Very well deserved. Swedish Vikings never give up. Sweden all set for the Olympics! Hmm..."


24/6: "It's been a fantastic day at Colette. Thanks, everybody!"

(Zlatan signed limited edition examples of his new perfume)


22/6: "And now, a sneak preview; the result of 2 years hard work to create my first fragrance. This is what it looks like! Available Aug. 12."


17/6: "Taking care of business. Me and the master brain, Mr Mino Raiola."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2015.06.12 |


Zlatan today met the Swedish press before the important EURO 2016-qualification game against Montenegro on Sunday.


He spoke about his future in PSG. "Everything can happen but I feel good in PSG."


About his future. "I have goals with the national team, I have goals with the clubteam. I have a scenario how I sort of want to do but it's private and I keep it to myself."


About the Olympics 2016. "I don't think the club will let me play, but I got that question from a fan so that was a spontaneous thought."


Amongst many things.



2015.06.11 | Zlatan Unplugged


Zlatan has received questions from his fans the past few days and here are the answers.


Q. Malin Fällström:

"I wonder if you remember my dad who gave you a yellow card for diving in the match between Malmö FF - Frölunda? I'm not entirely happy with that decision. It would be nice if you can forgive him so that we all can move on in life?"

Zlatan: "Haha - it's forgotten."

Q. Ajman Kurbegovic:

"Do you have any future job plans when retiring from football?"

Zlatan: "No current plans but they'll come later on."

Q. Ewa Hjertsén:

"Are you going to watch 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada? Do you think Sweden will bring home a medal?"

Zlatan: "If I have the time. I hope so."

Q. Noah Jaskoviak Åstrand:

"Who was your favorite player when you were a child?"

Zlatan: "Ronaldo il fenomeno."

Q. Felix Eberhard:

"Is there any chance you'll return to Malmö FF like Rosenberg did?"

Zlatan: "Don't think so."

Q. Martina Pozzoli:

"Which player of the past would you like to play with?"

Zlatan: "Ronaldo the phenomenal."

Q. Samson Williams:

"What's Zlatan's pre-game ritual?"

Zlatan: "Being myself."

Q. Chisha P Chisha:

"Most people say Zlatan is the player to get if you really want to win a league title. He is the ultimate talisman. What do you say about that?"

Zlatan: "I take it as a compliment."

Q. Austin A. Perez:

"What's your favorite thing to do to help you relax?"

Zlatan: "Watching movies and playing games."

Q. Shoushylla Friv:

"How did you meet Helena?"

Zlatan: "Long story."

Q. Harold De Fongo:

"If Cristiano Ronaldo one day come to PSG, could you imagine play with him or not?"

Zlatan: "Difficult to imagine if its not real, but every world class player is welcome to PSG."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2015.06.11 | Zlatan Unplugged


Zlatan has received questions from his fans the past few days and here are the answers.


Q. Nabeel Rahman:

"Hi Zlatan, for a long time I've been wanting to ask you this question. I've been having a difficult time in football lately. Parents and people on the team don't appreciate what I do for the team. I get picked on all the time. I don't want to brag, but like you I'm the best player on the pitch. Sometimes it feels like everyone is against me and don't want to see me develop, just because I'm that good. I get so much envy and even hate. My dad is always at my side, and always will be. He has to put up with negative comments all the time about him and me. But we are continuing our big dream. My cousins and a few of my teammates back me up, but those who envy me constantly get in my way and try to crush my dreams. Our coach is on my side, but he is really not in charge on the team. You know how parents can be. My question is what you would do in my situation? I would really appreciate some encouragement from someone other than family… Please can you help me reach my dream?"

Zlatan: "Either you continue. Then it's important to be mentally strong. Or you switch to another team."

Q. Tere Marcellino:

"Marry me?"

Zlatan: "Haha."

Q. Sven-Erik Karlsson:

"I would really like to see you as coach for a European top club after your active career. I think you would be an excellent coach. Is this something you are considering?"

Zlatan: "I wouldn't know right now."

Q. Deacon Penn:

"Did you really work at the docks as a teenager?"

Zlatan: "No."

Q. Madeline Bell:

"Hi Zlatan, I'd like to hear your opinion on goalkeepers. I feel that most of them don't really get enough credit. People generally seem to be more interested in the players that score goals rather than the ones who save them. Do you think that keepers are getting the attention they deserve?"

Zlatan: "I think they are very important."

Q. Marie Malmros:

"You have said that your dad was absent a lot. How do you see yourself, are you a dad who's around?"

Zlatan: "Yes, when I'm not with the team."

Q. Håkan Svensson:

"‪Do you use a special font or have any graphic guidelines for how to write your name? Your name is about to be on my skin and I want to get it right."‬

Zlatan: "Haha. Choose yourself."

Q. Calle Löwenberg:

"How do you manage to stay hungry for success all the time?"

Zlatan: "I constantly seek new challenges. I'm brought up that way."

Q. Isabela Henriques:

"‪Why your book has not been translated to Brazil? (Waiting anxiously for this release!)"‬

Zlatan: "I think it's work in progress."

Q. Luca Peltier:

"Hi Zlatan, at home is you or your wife the boss?"

Zlatan: "Only one boss in my home and it's me."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2015.06.11 | Zlatan Unplugged


Zlatan has received questions from his fans the past few days and here are the answers.


Q. Lars Brummans:

"When Sweden U21 qualifies for the semi finals in the European Championship. Do you consider to go with them to the Olympic Games in 2016?"

Zlatan: "I think it will be difficult."

Q. Tom Ågren:

"What do you keep in the little bag you carry when you walk from the players bus to the dressing room? You always see it on tv, you carry a small bag."

Zlatan: "It's my toiletry bag."

Q. Christer Kuylenstjerna:

"What is your best football memory? If you only can choose one."

Zlatan: "Hard to say – I have many fantastic memories."

Q. Christopher von Oxhed:

"Who makes the best home cooked meal. Zlatan or Helena? What dish?"

Zlatan: "Helena, secret."

Q. Celine Fontenille:

"In everyday life, what can make you really pissed off?"

Zlatan: "Disrespectful people."

Q. Pinar Kaya:

"If you could change something in your life, like old choices, what would it be?"

Zlatan: "Nothing, every choice was meant to be done."

Q. Phillip Georg Præstholm Riewerts:

"I am 13 years old from Denmark, you're my hero! If you should give a good idea to young players, what should it be?"

Zlatan: "Have fun and enjoy the game."

Q. Mason Bernard:

"As a kid what team did you strive to play for?"

Zlatan: "As a kid you wanna play for many teams but I didn't really have a specific team."

Q. Jakob Wallin:

"You are my idol and one of the world's best football players. But if you play a bad match and everyone writes about it in the papers and on social media, what do you do to go on to the next match and make it better?"

Zlatan: "Take in all the energy from it and bring it out in the next match."

Q. Behar Bllaca:

"This question is from my 5 year old son. How much can you juggle the ball to? And how do you become as good as Zlatan?"

Zlatan: "Juggling, then it's a question of how long. Believe in yourself."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.