2015.01.17 | Zlatan Unplugged


Evian is coming to Parc des Princes tomorrow at 14.00 and after PSG (temporary?) has lost their winning sense, it's an important game if they are gonna follow Lyon and Marseille in the top of Ligue 1. Zlatan says they have to win.


14.00 on Sunday, your PSG is up against Evian, the eighteenth placed team that is based in Thonon-les-Bains. What are your thoughts about the match?

ZLATAN: "It's a match we need to win to catch up in the league."

Evian's top-scorer is the Dane Daniel Wass who, just like you, has scored eight goals in the league and right now is third placed in the top-scorers' standing. How do you see your chances to advance in the standing, passing your opponents Wass, Gignac, and Lacazette?

ZLATAN: "What's most important is to win matches, and sure, goals win matches. But being the top-scorer at the end of the season is nothing I think about."

Tomorrow's match is your first home game for 2015. Do you look forward to playing for your fans on Parc des Princes again?

ZLATAN: "Yes, it's going to be awesome to play here again."

After the recent slump, with worse results than fans expected, you won the last match, eliminating Saint-Etienne from the League Cup. Was that the turning-point, or does it take more than that to find a winning trend?

ZLATAN: "For starters, let's build on that we played well against a good opponent."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.