2014.09.23 | Zlatan Unplugged


Read Zlatan's thoughts before the Ligue 1 game against Caen. Unfortunately he will miss the game due to his injury.


Tomorrow PSG take on tenth placed SM Caen. The club is from Caen in Normandy, approximately 200 kilometers west of Paris, and has fourteen seasons in Ligue 1. The last season was 2011/12, when they ended in eighteenth place. What are your thoughts before tomorrow's match?

ZLATAN: "I think it will be similar to the others – a match where we dominate the game."

The criticism against PSG has been hard after three straight 1-1 matches, and a fifth place in the league. How do you see the criticism and the growing dissatisfaction among the fans?

ZLATAN: "With the squad we've got we should win every match we play. This pressure is normal for us, and that's the pressure we always play under. It's really no difference between the situation we're in now compared to the other thirteen years I've been a professional player. But this game is about who is the winner in end – and the season is long."

After eight competition matches played, PSG have started with eight different lineups. Is the lack of continuity a problem?

ZLATAN: "We have a big squad, and we play many matches. So it's vital to keep all players at 100 %, and that's why it's important to alternate and let many players get match time."

Wednesday's match is the second out of four in ten days. What is your physical status? How well does your body cope with the tight schedule?

ZLATAN: "I've been injured in the Achilles tendon since the Rennes match. I only played the match against Lyon thanks to injections. Now I need to get back to 100 % to be able to play my game, and that's why I'm not playing tomorrow. Then we just have to wait and see what my status is before the match this weekend."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.