2014.09.16 | Zlatan Unplugged


Read Zlatan's thoughts before the Champions League game against Ajax.


Tonight, Champions League finally starts again and tomorrow you step into the tournament as you are up against Ajax on Amsterdam Arena. What are your thoughts about the match and your opponent?

ZLATAN: "Ajax is a good team and a big club. They have many young players that are on high level."

Another season has passed and the project Paris Saint-Germain has taken further steps in its development. Is this the season when you step up as a real contender for the Champions League title?

ZLATAN: "The Champions League is a goal, after that anything can happen."

You are not the only player in PSG who has played in Ajax, both Maxwell and Van der Wiel has represented the club. How do you think it will feel to be back on Amsterdam Arena again - and do you think that you as former Ajax players will get a special welcome?

ZLATAN: "It's really special considering that this is where I got to introduce myself on the international football scene. I think all of us are going to get a big welcome."

On another arena in Europe, two of your otger former clubs are playing each other tonight - Malmö FF and Juventus. How do you think the match will end and do you cross your fingers a little extra for one or the other?

ZLATAN: "I'm rooting for Malmö, but it's a difficult match. They are going to learn a lot from the matches in Champions League."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.