2016.10.23 | Zlatan Unplugged


Manchester did very few things right and lost clearly to Chelsea 4-0. Zlatan did not perform as hoped and was obviously disappointed after the game.


The match against Chelsea ended in a painful 4-0 loss. How would you describe the match?

Zlatan: "The result is disappointing."

What instructions did you get before the match, and how did the early goal affect your game plan?

Zlatan: "It's hard work to fall behind. We only get to chase, so the match didn't turn out like we wanted it to."

What would you attribute the main blame for the loss – and could you yourself have acted differently to change the outcome?

Zlatan: "The goals we concede are simply too cheap."

Now there is a six-point difference between you and the top-trio City, Arsenal and Liverpool. What's missing for United to be a real top-team in this year's Premier League?

Zlatan: "We need to get the points required."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.