2016.08.12 | Sky Sports


Zlatan has been interviewed by Sky Sports before Manchester United's first Premier League-game against Bournemouth on Sunday.


“I’m a normal person.”

“People have the image of me that I’m a bad boy; I’m this and I’m that. People are curious: How is this Zlatan?"

"I’m a family guy. I’m taking care of my family, but when I come on the pitch I’m a lion. That’s the big difference."

"I don’t believe I’m arrogant in the way that people think. I’m confident. I believe in myself. That’s not being arrogant. That’s something I believe is an individual strength in the human being."

"I have confidence and I believe in myself. I have a vision and I do everything. I work hard for it."

"I don’t believe that’s arrogant.”

Source: Sky Sports.