2016.07.18 | site/manutd.com


No official announcement about whether or not Zlatan will join the team on their Asia Tour (playing Borussia Dortmund 22 July + Man City 25 July) has been made by Manchester United yet.


But he has not been mentioned in several official articles about the tour so it seems he will make his debut against Galatasaray in Sweden 30 July.


Manchester United published an article today stating that Marcus Rashford will join the tour, as well as Wayne Rooney and Chris Smalling, but that they will not play.


Zlatan is not mentioned in the article, which indicates he will not join the tour.


Upcoming games for Manchester United:


22 July 14.00 CET

vs Borussia Dortmund

Shanghai, China


25 July 13.30 CET

vs Manchester City

Beijing, China


30 July 18.30 CET

vs Galatasaray

Gothenburg, Sweden


3 August 21.00 CET

(Wayne Rooney Testimonial)

vs Everton

Old Trafford, Manchester


It's likely that Manchester United will present information about when Zlatan will make his debut shortly.