2016.02.28 | Zlatan Unplugged


PSG lost against Lyon tonight which ended their league record streak. Zlatan didn't have many chances and PSG struggled overall. Read Zlatan's thoughts after the game.


Tonight PSG’s winning streak ended as you lost 2-1 to Lyon. Tell us what you think of the match and your performance.

ZLATAN: "We were not 100 % today."

In Ligue 1 we are used to seeing PSG as the dominating team, a team that takes its opponents apart with great passing, a team that is superior in most aspects. What was it that made it possible for Lyon to disturb the mighty PSG?

ZLATAN: "We were not as fresh as we usually are."

Despite the loss you are ahead in the league by more than 20 points and are still unmatched league leaders. But how does the loss affect your preparations before the second Chelsea match as well as other key matches?

ZLATAN: "We have other matches before it’s time for Chelsea, so we are going to make sure that we get back to 100 % again."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.