2016.01.08 | Zlatan Unplugged


PSG comfortably beat Bastia 2-0 after goals from Thiago Motta and Maxwell. Zlatan unfortunately didn't produce any points today, read his thoughts after the game.


A comfortable win in Paris this Friday night. You dominated and showed some beautiful passing skills against an aggressive and struggling Bastia. What do you think of your dominance in the match in terms of successful goal-attempts?

ZLATAN: "We can do much better."

At PSG's 1-0 corner-goal, you once again parked right by the keeper. More a blocking position than striking position. Is it something you have practiced, with you in that position, which really is what decides the goalkeeper's chances to come out on the corner-kick?

ZLATAN: "That was my task today."

No Ibracadabra goal today, but a mighty "van Basten" strike by Maxwell in the 39th minute meant 2-0. Comments on his volley?

ZLATAN: "Magical!"

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.