2015.12.25 | psg.fr


Before Zlatan and PSG are going to Doha in Qatar for the Wintertour, Zlatan has answered a couple of questions from the local media.


It has been a few years since Paris Saint-Germain team has been coming to Qatar. What's your impression about before that you come to Qatar and the planned friendly match against Inter?

ZLATAN: "I think to come to Qatar, I've been there a couple of times and I find it very nice. We had a good preparation every time we were in Qatar. It brought also luck because we have been winning trophies and we want to continue with this tradition, so we will be coming for Christmas time and play the friendly game against Inter. I'm happy to be there presenting my team and I am happy for Qatar also that will welcome two big teams like Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan, so good for the people there, so let us make them enjoy the game."

How do you see your career at Paris Saint-Germain? Is this the best time at the club for you?

ZLATAN: "I feel good. I feel I have a lot of responsibility. Before I came here I knew it would be a big challenge for me because the club wanted to do something great, something big, to build up a club that brings them to the top and it was a project at the start and I'm very happy I was here at the start because it's easy to come now here where everything is settled down, everything is good and it's easy to make your thing. When I came it wasn't so easy because I came from Milan and it was a different world compared from what it is today. I'm very happy, I was one of the first ones to be here and bring it to the top and I knew I would do history with this club, so that is what I'm doing and I'm still doing it, so when I change club or stop football I will sit down and lean back and say I was part of that project, so for that I'm very happy."

The Champions League is one trophy that's eluded you. How much do you want to secure that and add that to your trophy cabinet?

ZLATAN: "I still have the possibility to win it. I have a great team and the dream is to win the Champions League for this club and that is one of my objectives, to win of course. But if it wouldn't happen and my career is full, packed anyway, so the museum is huge and I'm happy for that. I had the luck to play with great players that won trophies for me and the same thing with the clubs I played for, that I was able to win the trophies I have been winning, but let's see what happens this year and if not I will still be happy with what I have achieved."

What would you like to tell your fans here in Qatar?

ZLATAN: "For my fans over in Doha, we are coming and we will do everything to let you enjoy the game we will be playing there and see you soon."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.