2015.09.19 | Zlatan Unplugged


PSG drew 1-1 against Reims and despite several chances, Zlatan didn't manage to score. Cavani came on and saved a point for PSG, who are still undefeated this season. Read Zlatan's thoughts after the game.


Tonight's bout with Stade de Reims ended 1-1 after two late goals. Are you happy with the match and the result?

ZLATAN: "No, I'm never happy with a draw."

You got some scoring chances but we'll have to wait for your first goal in the league this season. What do you think of your own performance and the chances you got?

ZLATAN: "It felt better today. I only have to score my first goal, after that the rest will come."

Do you still feel the injury that affected you earlier?

ZLATAN: "I have to play to get the rhythm back."

The substitutions tonight were a well-known trio: Di Maria, Matuidi and the leading top-scorer Cavani. Is the PSG squad this year the best and broadest the team has ever had?

ZLATAN: "Yes!"

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.