2015.06.25 | Zlatan Unplugged


While on holiday Zlatan has presented his new, own perfume, done some business with agent Mino Raiola and watched Sweden qualify to the U21-semifinals which secured Sweden's spot in the Olympics 2016, something Zlatan commented in his app.


These are the latest posts in Zlatan Unplugged:

24/6: "Congratulations to the U21 national team! Very well deserved. Swedish Vikings never give up. Sweden all set for the Olympics! Hmm..."


24/6: "It's been a fantastic day at Colette. Thanks, everybody!"

(Zlatan signed limited edition examples of his new perfume)


22/6: "And now, a sneak preview; the result of 2 years hard work to create my first fragrance. This is what it looks like! Available Aug. 12."


17/6: "Taking care of business. Me and the master brain, Mr Mino Raiola."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.