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2015.06.11 | Zlatan Unplugged


Zlatan has received questions from his fans the past few days and here are the answers.


Q. Malin Fällström:

"I wonder if you remember my dad who gave you a yellow card for diving in the match between Malmö FF - Frölunda? I'm not entirely happy with that decision. It would be nice if you can forgive him so that we all can move on in life?"

Zlatan: "Haha - it's forgotten."

Q. Ajman Kurbegovic:

"Do you have any future job plans when retiring from football?"

Zlatan: "No current plans but they'll come later on."

Q. Ewa Hjertsén:

"Are you going to watch 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada? Do you think Sweden will bring home a medal?"

Zlatan: "If I have the time. I hope so."

Q. Noah Jaskoviak Åstrand:

"Who was your favorite player when you were a child?"

Zlatan: "Ronaldo il fenomeno."

Q. Felix Eberhard:

"Is there any chance you'll return to Malmö FF like Rosenberg did?"

Zlatan: "Don't think so."

Q. Martina Pozzoli:

"Which player of the past would you like to play with?"

Zlatan: "Ronaldo the phenomenal."

Q. Samson Williams:

"What's Zlatan's pre-game ritual?"

Zlatan: "Being myself."

Q. Chisha P Chisha:

"Most people say Zlatan is the player to get if you really want to win a league title. He is the ultimate talisman. What do you say about that?"

Zlatan: "I take it as a compliment."

Q. Austin A. Perez:

"What's your favorite thing to do to help you relax?"

Zlatan: "Watching movies and playing games."

Q. Shoushylla Friv:

"How did you meet Helena?"

Zlatan: "Long story."

Q. Harold De Fongo:

"If Cristiano Ronaldo one day come to PSG, could you imagine play with him or not?"

Zlatan: "Difficult to imagine if its not real, but every world class player is welcome to PSG."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.