2015.06.11 | Zlatan Unplugged


Zlatan has received questions from his fans the past few days and here are the answers.


Q. Nabeel Rahman:

"Hi Zlatan, for a long time I've been wanting to ask you this question. I've been having a difficult time in football lately. Parents and people on the team don't appreciate what I do for the team. I get picked on all the time. I don't want to brag, but like you I'm the best player on the pitch. Sometimes it feels like everyone is against me and don't want to see me develop, just because I'm that good. I get so much envy and even hate. My dad is always at my side, and always will be. He has to put up with negative comments all the time about him and me. But we are continuing our big dream. My cousins and a few of my teammates back me up, but those who envy me constantly get in my way and try to crush my dreams. Our coach is on my side, but he is really not in charge on the team. You know how parents can be. My question is what you would do in my situation? I would really appreciate some encouragement from someone other than family… Please can you help me reach my dream?"

Zlatan: "Either you continue. Then it's important to be mentally strong. Or you switch to another team."

Q. Tere Marcellino:

"Marry me?"

Zlatan: "Haha."

Q. Sven-Erik Karlsson:

"I would really like to see you as coach for a European top club after your active career. I think you would be an excellent coach. Is this something you are considering?"

Zlatan: "I wouldn't know right now."

Q. Deacon Penn:

"Did you really work at the docks as a teenager?"

Zlatan: "No."

Q. Madeline Bell:

"Hi Zlatan, I'd like to hear your opinion on goalkeepers. I feel that most of them don't really get enough credit. People generally seem to be more interested in the players that score goals rather than the ones who save them. Do you think that keepers are getting the attention they deserve?"

Zlatan: "I think they are very important."

Q. Marie Malmros:

"You have said that your dad was absent a lot. How do you see yourself, are you a dad who's around?"

Zlatan: "Yes, when I'm not with the team."

Q. Håkan Svensson:

"‪Do you use a special font or have any graphic guidelines for how to write your name? Your name is about to be on my skin and I want to get it right."‬

Zlatan: "Haha. Choose yourself."

Q. Calle Löwenberg:

"How do you manage to stay hungry for success all the time?"

Zlatan: "I constantly seek new challenges. I'm brought up that way."

Q. Isabela Henriques:

"‪Why your book has not been translated to Brazil? (Waiting anxiously for this release!)"‬

Zlatan: "I think it's work in progress."

Q. Luca Peltier:

"Hi Zlatan, at home is you or your wife the boss?"

Zlatan: "Only one boss in my home and it's me."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.