2015.06.11 | Zlatan Unplugged


Zlatan has received questions from his fans the past few days and here are the answers.


Q. Lars Brummans:

"When Sweden U21 qualifies for the semi finals in the European Championship. Do you consider to go with them to the Olympic Games in 2016?"

Zlatan: "I think it will be difficult."

Q. Tom Ågren:

"What do you keep in the little bag you carry when you walk from the players bus to the dressing room? You always see it on tv, you carry a small bag."

Zlatan: "It's my toiletry bag."

Q. Christer Kuylenstjerna:

"What is your best football memory? If you only can choose one."

Zlatan: "Hard to say – I have many fantastic memories."

Q. Christopher von Oxhed:

"Who makes the best home cooked meal. Zlatan or Helena? What dish?"

Zlatan: "Helena, secret."

Q. Celine Fontenille:

"In everyday life, what can make you really pissed off?"

Zlatan: "Disrespectful people."

Q. Pinar Kaya:

"If you could change something in your life, like old choices, what would it be?"

Zlatan: "Nothing, every choice was meant to be done."

Q. Phillip Georg Præstholm Riewerts:

"I am 13 years old from Denmark, you're my hero! If you should give a good idea to young players, what should it be?"

Zlatan: "Have fun and enjoy the game."

Q. Mason Bernard:

"As a kid what team did you strive to play for?"

Zlatan: "As a kid you wanna play for many teams but I didn't really have a specific team."

Q. Jakob Wallin:

"You are my idol and one of the world's best football players. But if you play a bad match and everyone writes about it in the papers and on social media, what do you do to go on to the next match and make it better?"

Zlatan: "Take in all the energy from it and bring it out in the next match."

Q. Behar Bllaca:

"This question is from my 5 year old son. How much can you juggle the ball to? And how do you become as good as Zlatan?"

Zlatan: "Juggling, then it's a question of how long. Believe in yourself."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.