2015.02.21 | Zlatan Unplugged


PSG today beat Toulouse after two goals from Rabiot and one from captain Thiago Silva. Zlatan played 90 minutes and assisted to Rabiot's 1-0. Read what he had to say after the game.


The match against Toulouse went as many had expected. It was a match where PSG dominated ball-possession, you had many scoring chances, and in the end you won quite easily. Are you happy with the way you played this game?

ZLATAN: "It's really nice to get a win and three important points. I'm very happy!"

If we look at your performance, you played the whole match and made 51 passes, one of which was an elegant heel-assist to the first goal of the match. Are you happy with your own performance against Toulouse?

ZLATAN: "Yes, I am. It felt good the whole match."

Adrien Rabiot plays a good match and scores two of three PSG goals. What do you think of the central mid-fielder, and how good do you think he can get?

ZLATAN: "He is a promising player who is making constant progress."

Now awaits two matches where PSG is forced to play without their Nr 10 on the pitch. How do you think they will do without you?

ZLATAN: "They are going to do just fine, I'm sure of that."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.