2015.02.15 | World Food Programme


The names on Zlatan's body yesterday were symbols of world hunger and Zlatan's support for United Nation's World Food Programme. 50 names were drawn on his body to represent the suffering people of the world. Watch the video above and read what Zlatan says in the video below.


"My name is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Wherever I go people recognise me.
Call my name.
Cheer for me.
But there are names no one cheers for.
If I could, I would write every single name on my body.
But there are 805 million people suffering from hunger in the world today.
Too many of them are children.
They are struck by war, natural disasters and extreme poverty.
I have supporters all over the world.
Beginning today, I want this support to go to the people who really need it.
So whenever you hear my name, you will think of their names.
Whenever you see me, you will see them."

805 million people are suffering from hunger today.
Make sure the world knows.

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting against hunger worldwide, feeding some 80 million people in around 75 countries every year.


"Yesterday we played Caen on Parc des Princes.
My most important game so far.
Underneath my shirt I had 50 new names of people on my body.
People I never met but still want to keep close.
50 names out of the 805 million people suffering from hunger in the world today.
Make sure the world knows.
Support World Food Programme."

– Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Source: World Food Programme.