2014.12.14 | Zlatan Unplugged


PSG lost to Guingamp and Zlatan was disappointed after the game. Read his thoughts.


You lost for the first time this year, and this against Guingamp, a team that was seventh-placed before today's match. It ends 1-0 for the home team – a fair result?

ZLATAN: "Yes. I would say so."

Would you rather compliment Guingamp on their performance, or criticize PSG for yours?

ZLATAN: "Both. I want to criticize and compliment."

In the beginning of the second half you got hit in a duel and seemed to be in pain. Did that linger throughout the match?

ZLATAN: "No, that was no problem. I only felt it briefly."

Neither you, nor PSG, were at your best tonight. In your opinion, why is it that you don't quite get the flow in your game?

ZLATAN: "To get the right flow, and to win the matches, we need to work harder."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.