2014.12.05 | Zlatan Unplugged


Zlatan is available for tomorrow's game against Nantes, but he says that the pain in his heel is still there.


After resting in Wednesday night's match, you and PSG are up against Nantes on Parc des Princes tomorrow. Will you be in the lineup?

ZLATAN: "Yes, I'm available."

There are constant speculation about your injury problems. The last week we could read that your injury will trouble you for the rest of the season. How much is the injury really bothering you right and for how long do you think it will do so?

ZLATAN: "As I've said before, I'm not 100 % yet. I don't know when the pain will go away - but I'm working on it. The way I feel today is sufficient to be able to play matches."

If we instead focus on the match tomorrow. How are you going to handle FC Nantes with the league's third best defensive line statistically?

ZLATAN: "We will attack and play the game we do best."

Right now there are not much rest between matches, in just a month you have played nine. How much does the tight schedule affect the squad and the way you play?

ZLATAN: "We are used to it, but the coach rotates the team so there is a good balance although we have a tough schedule."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.