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2014.11.29 | Zlatan Unplugged


Today when you met Nice we saw Ronaldo in the audience. Are you happy with the performance you and PSG gave the audience today?

ZLATAN: "I think we did really well in the first half. The second half wasn't quite as good."

This is not the first time we see Ronaldo at Parc Des Princes. Maybe you have wished for a comeback from the Brazilian as a Christmas gift from Nasser Al-Khelaifi this holiday?

ZLATAN: "Haha… He is a legend and will always remain a legend!"

In the 15th minute, you score the deciding 1-0 goal when you securely put a penalty-kick in the net. What were your thoughts as you stepped up to the challenge?

ZLATAN: "There was nothing to it really. I felt focused and self-confident."

In the end of the first half, you took a hard hit and all of Parc Des Princes held their breath. How is your body and the injury after the match?

ZLATAN: "I still have a bit left to go before I'm 100 %. I'm not there yet."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.29 | PSG-Nice 1-0


Zlatan keeps scoring. PSG keeps winning.

Despite a weak second half, PSG beat Nice and Zlatan scored for the second game in a row.



2014.11.28 |


PSG manager today announced the PSG squad that will play Nice at home tomorrow at 17.00 CET.

Zlatan is selected, as well as David Luiz and Thiago Motta who are both back. Verratti in the other hand is still not fit to play. PSG squad:


CAMARA Zoumana
CAVANI Edinson
LAVEZZI Ezequiel
SIRIGU Salvatore



2014.11.28 | Zlatan Unplugged


With eight straight wins you are meeting Nice Saturday afternoon. What are your thoughts before the match against "Les Aiglons"?

ZLATAN: "It's gonna be a good game. And it's always something special to play at home."

Your opponents best scorer is Carlos Euardo who is the fourth best scorer in the league with his six goals. It's notable that he has scored all those goals in away matches. What are you going to do to stop the away-specialist Euardo on Parc des Princes tomorrow?

ZLATAN: "We have a world class defense and I'm sure they know what to do to stop him."

You have scored five league goals so far this season. Last year by this time you had nine goals. Is the smaller number only due to your injury or is there something else that also plays a part in this?

ZLATAN: "I haven't played a game in two months, just give me a few weeks and we'll see..."

Nice has got one of Ligue 1's three Swedish players, the midfielder Niklas Hult. Do you keep an eye on the other Swedes in the league - and in that case, how do you think he's been doing during his first three months in France?

ZLATAN: "I haven't followed him that closely, but I think it's great that there are more Swedes in the league!"

Source and photos: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.26 |


Watch the video to see who Zlatan thinks are the best players he ever played with.

The Wall - The Animal - Complete - The Pitbull - Elegant - Magic - The Leader - Perfect - The Machine - Genuis - The God :D.

2014.11.25 | PSG-Ajax 3-1


He hadn't scored in the PSG-shirt since 31 August.

He hadn't scored in Champions League this season.

Tonight he scored the winning goal when PSG beat Ajax in Champions League.

He is back.



2014.11.25 | Zlatan Unplugged


Ajax wanted to secure third place in the group and played with very high pressure from the get go. You didn't seem comfortable the first half-hour, was the high pressure unexpected?

ZLATAN: "No, it was expected – Ajax does it really well."

Several times during the first half you seemed very annoyed with the rulings on the pitch. Was it just in the heat of battle or did you think that the referee made many incorrect decisions?

ZLATAN: "It's just something that happens. I have my opinion, but I guess the referees have a better view."

Ajax managed to equalize in the second half and immediately you changed gears and started to play more aggressively, which paid off. In the 79th minute you ignite Parc des Princes with 2-1 from a difficult angle. Describe the feeling.

ZLATAN: "It felt great. But I need to get 100 % physically fit and I do that by playing more matches."

Then you go on to seal the game with Cavani's 3-1 after a real blunder by the defense. Now it's all in your own hands to win the group in the last round, away against Barcelona. How important is it to win the group?

ZLATAN: "It's definitely an advantage to be number one considering the teams that are in first place in the other groups."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.24 | Zlatan Unplugged


Tomorrow night you are up against your former club Ajax, for the moment in third place in Champions League's Group F. The first meeting ended with a draw after the Dane Lasse Schöne equalized in the 74th minute. What are you going to change to take all three points tomorrow?

ZLATAN: "We have to play our game and be very focused in the defense."

This is just your second Champions League match for the season, but your PSG is still in the lead with two points more than Barcelona. How does it feel to be back in the prime of European club football again?

ZLATAN: "It feels really good just to be back on the pitch – and the Champions League is definitely something else."

This year's Champions League averages a record breaking 2.98 goals per match so far. Do you think this is due to a offensive trend in football or is it just a coincidence that so many goals are scored this year?

ZLATAN: "It's hard to say if it's a trend. I think it's something that comes and goes."

When the fifth round begins tomorrow we have started to get a hunch about which clubs will be top teams in the different groups. Which teams do you see as the biggest competitors for the CL title?

ZLATAN: "There are many good teams that have impressed so far, but it's the second half that counts. This is when you have to be at your best."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.21 | Zlatan Unplugged


PSG beat Metz 2-3. Read Zlatan's thoughts after the game.


0-2 after the first half and when the referee puts the whistle in his mouth after 90 minutes the scoreboard says 2-3. Are you happy with you performance against Metz?

ZLATAN: "We were not at our best today. We started the match well, but later on we lost the rhythm."

The PSG squad missed David Luiz, Lucas Moura, Verratti, Bahebeck, and Douchez. And already before the second half you were forced to make two substitutions as Cabaye and Motta walked off. Do you think that the match – and especially the second half – would have looked different if all players had been available?

ZLATAN: "Yes, of course we are at our best when everyone is available, but even if we are missing certain players we should be able to win anyway. "

Speaking of injuries, how did your heel injury affect your performance today?

ZLATAN: "It doesn't feel great. But that is something I have to work my way through and the best way to do that is by playing matches. "

Both 0-1 and 2-3 were goals that was really close to being "your goals", but in the end it was Pastore and Lavezzi who got the ball across the goal line. Does it feel frustrating not to get the goals, or are you just happy to see the two Argentinians celebrate instead?

ZLATAN: "Everything is cool as long as it's goal. What's most important is that we win the match."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.21 | Metz-PSG 2-3


Zlatan played 90 minutes and had an almost-assist to the deciding 2-3-goal from Lavezzi. Metz put up a good fight after getting two penalties but PSG was too strong at the end.



2014.11.20 | Zlatan Unplugged


PSG are playing Metz in Ligue 1, read Zlatan's thoughts before the game.


The break for the Euro Qualifiers is over and tomorrow PSG goes up against Metz. What are your thoughts on the ninth placed team from Lorraine?

ZLATAN: "Metz has performed well at home so far this season, so it's going to be a hard match."

The break means that you only get one day together with the whole squad before the important away game tomorrow. How does this affect your preparations?

ZLATAN: "We are used to situations like this, so it shouldn't mean any problems. "

After the qualifier against Montenegro you said that you still feel your heel injury, and also that you had problems with one of your hips. As a result you didn't play the match with the national team against France this Wednesday. How do you feel today and are you ready to play against Metz tomorrow?

ZLATAN: "It feels much better, but the heel is still not 100 %. I still feel the injury and certain movements feels a little unstable."

Matuidi, Verratti and Moura all miss the match tomorrow due to injuries, which means that you have a thinner squad than usual. Are you ready to play 90 minutes if that is necessary?

ZLATAN: "Playing time is just what I need right now, so I get the whole body going again."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.20 |


Zlatan is back. For real.

After 25 minutes against Marseille and 90 minutes against Montenegro on Saturday, it now seems like he is completely recovered from his injury.

– Zlatan is in perfect shape, PSG manager Laurent Blanc said on today's press conference.


The world had to go almost two months without Ibra before he made his comeback against Marseille last week. When he was selected for the Montenegro-Sweden-game, there was still some doubts about his injury and fitness but after playing 90 minutes (and scoring) on Saturday against Montenegro, and now being selected for the PSG-squad, who are playing Metz tomorrow, Blanc confirmed the good news on today's press conference.

– Zlatan is in perfect shape, Blanc said happily.


He did confirm that Zlatan's Montenegro-game took some energy out of Ibra, but that he is feeling good.

– It's going very well. After his match with Sweden (1-1 against Montenegro in qualifying for Euro 2016), he returned with a few aches. He played 90 minutes, so it makes sense. He has since then recovered well. He will be able to train on Thursday afternoon.


PSG squad who will play Metz tomorrow Friday at 20.30 CET:

CAMARA Zoumana
CAVANI Edinson
LAVEZZI Ezequiel
SIRIGU Salvatore



2014.11.18 | France-Sweden 1-0


Sweden, without Zlatan, did what they could to stop a quick, strong French team in Marseille and almost managed to get a goalless draw but Real Madrid defender Varane made it 1-0 at the end.


Ibra played 90 minutes against Montenegro on Saturday (1-1), his first full game in almost two months. So it was no surprise that he left the squad after the game, he is now back in Paris to prepare for Friday's game against Metz.


So today's Sweden was inevitably weaker and with Zlatan's status in France, they sure could need him in the boiling Velodrome in Marseille, France sure seemed really strong, this is were they will play their games in EURO 2016 (it's held in France) and all their games up to then are friendlies.


Zlatan's replacement up front was Malmo's Kiese Thelin with Zengin and Bahuoi at the flanks. But to be honest, this game was all about defence for the Swedish team. France came in attack after attack and if it hadn't have been for a pretty solid Swedish defence and goalkeeper Isaksson, France would have scored alot more goals.


The goal came in the 83rd minute from Varane, a header on a corner kick.


Next decided game for Sweden is not until March 2015, when the EURO 2016 qualification starts again.

2014.11.16 | Swedish FA


Zlatan today left the Swedish squad. There is apperantly no need to risk his heel more in tuesday's friendly between France and Sweden and his aim is now to recover for future PSG-games, the closest against Metz away on Friday.


Zlatan scored his 51st Sweden goal yesterday and played a big part in Sweden's draw against Montenegro. The question marks were many if how his heel was gonna feel and if he could play 90 minutes. It SEEMS as if he didn't feel too much pain and even though he was obviously tired at the end, he played the full game.


Sweden are playing France in a friendly on tuesday but Zlatan has left the squad and will not be playing. PSG are playing Metz on friday already so it would not make sense to play Zlatan in that game.


Source: Swedish FA.

2014.11.15 | Montenegro-Sweden 1-1


Zlatan scored after only 9 minutes and Sweden were very close to winning away against Montenegro. But Stefan Jovetić made it 1-1 at the very end and both teams got a point each.



2014.11.15 | Zlatan Unplugged


Sweden drew 1-1 away against Montenegro. Read Zlatan's thoughts after the game.


Tonight's match against Montenegro ends 1-1. Are your happy with the result and your performance?

ZLATAN: "Considering what the game looked like I have to say no, I'm not happy with the result."

For the first time since your injury you played the full game. How did the heel feel tonight?

ZLATAN: "I still feel it. Also, I got hip pains during the match."

In the 92nd minute it looked like Albin Ekdal decided the game. However, the referee chose to cancel the goal. What are your thoughts about the situation?

ZLATAN: "The way I see the situation it's a goal."

Austria now lead group G with four points after beating Russia 1-0 tonight. Is Austria the strongest competition in the group and is their lead unreachable?

ZLATAN: "There are still many matches left and many point to play for, but it's definitely one of the contenders to win the group."

Besides the point you got, what positives do bring from tonight's match?

ZLATAN: "We played a good game. We only should have scored on our chances also. Then we would have three points instead."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.14 | Zlatan Unplugged


Sweden are playing Montenegro in the EURO 2016 Qualifiers. Read Zlatan's thoughts before he game.


Saturday night, Sweden is facing Montenegro in the Euro Qualifiers. What kind of game do you think it will be?

ZLATAN: "It will be a hard game where both teams will do everything they can to win."

Gradski Stadium is well-known for a very intense atmosphere and home supporters that always make sure to put pressure on the away team. The noise level will surely be high, but how much does the fanatical fans actually affect what happens on the pitch tomorrow?

ZLATAN: "I think it's very individual how it affects the players."

Since your national team debut in 2001 you have played with many different players in many different lineups. How does today's squad measure up to previous years'?

ZLATAN: "I think we have a good team that is full of players who want to show what their capable of. "

Lately, there has been much talk about your injured heel and it's been less than a week since you made your comeback after a six-week injury break. How does the heel feel today and how far are you from being 100 % again?

ZLATAN: "Well, it's not 100 % just yet…"

Will you be able to play tomorrow?

ZLATAN: "We will have to wait and see, but I hope so."

Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.13 | Swedish Sports Awards


The other day he won grand slam on the Swedish Football Awards by winning "Forward of the year" as well as the "Golden Ball", both for the 9th time. Yesterday his backheel wondergoal was nominated to "Goal of the year" by FIFA. And here we go again..


Zlatan has been nominated to the award "Swedish Male Athlete of the year".

The Swedish Sports Academy today announced the nominees and Zlatan is one of four men who can win the price. The other three are:

• Marcus Hellner, cross-country skiing

• Henrik Lundqvist, ice hockey

• Daniel Richardsson, cross-country skiing


This is 8th time he is nominated. He has been nominated:

2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and now 2015.


He has won three times:

2008, 2010, 2013.


The award is being voted on and presented by the Swedish Sports Academy.

The Swedish Sports Awards are being held 19 January 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden.


Source: Swedish Sports Academy.

2014.11.12 |



Last season Zlatan's crazy wondergoal against England was nominated to FIFA Puskás Award, which goes to the greatest goal in the world. Not only was it nominated, it was voted the winner.

And now he has been nominated again.

Zlatan's goal against Bastia last season is considered one of the top 10 greatest goals scored this past year and now it's up to the fans all over the world to vote.


The candidates are:


2014.11.12 |


Zlatan held a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden before the important EURO qualification-game vs Montenegro on Saturday.


ZLATAN: It's the achillens tendon, which has been injured. And it hasn't healed in the way it should have. And then maybe I played again too soon and halted the healing process. So it's taken a little longer than it should have.

Have you been worried?

ZLATAN: No, but it's been hard because I haven't had a time where I know I would be back. They haven't said "one week, two weeks..", it's been more "How do you feel today?" "We'll see tomorrow how it feels", and that's been the hardest. If somebody said "one month, one year, two..", it wouldn't have mattered as long as I had a time period I could focus on, when to get back. But it's been the opposite, I haven't had that answer. So I've just been around, practicing and came to the training ground in the morning and said "No, no, it still hurts." So that's been the hardest.

Is it an injury that was a bit scary to play with in the last game?

ZLATAN: No, now it feels good. Because now I can train hard, or at least much more than i did before. And the pain has gone away almost completely. When I put more effort in, it feels a little but it's better than it was before. The pain can come back but the warmer I get, the more it disappears.

If you look back on previous injuries, do you remember how it's been when you get back after the injury, how the form usually is?

ZLATAN: I think it's mainly the stamina, which can be the hard part considering the situation I've had now. I haven't been on the pitch for 1 1/2 month, played only 30 minutes last game and only 3-4 days before I was able to run on the pitch without football shoes. Then we built it up but it went quickly for those 3-4 days. But the touch on the ball... No. It'is there. I hope. (*smile)

How do you see the chances of you being in the starting 11 on Saturday?

ZLATAN: We'll see. We will build this up in the week to be able to play. That's why you don't want to work too hard too soon. So we're building it up and I should be ready for the game.

Your roots are from Balkan and now you're facing Montenegro. Do you have any idea why the countries down there are so good in large ball sports?

ZLATAN: I don't know. Maybe it's in the genes. I'm born in Sweden so I speak for Sweden.

I didn't mean around you specifically, more generally.

ZLATAN: I don't have a clue. You should ask me about Sweden. I know everything about Sweden, some about them (*smile).

To go to one of these games, where you are expected to win, pretty tough circumstances.. Do you look forward to those games?

ZLATAN: Expected to win? We always want to win, absolutely. Every game we go in to we have an attitude to win. We are playing a good opponent, very good. We studied them a bit yesterday and they played well against Austria, they didn't make it easy for Austria. They have many good individual players so it's not an easy game at all. It's a game we have to work through and be our best to be able to get the points we need.

You play in black boots nowaday. Are you switching shoe brand?

ZLATAN: No, the contract expired two-three weeks ago and there is no new one. Disussions are being held so we'll see.

Isn't it difficult to change shoes when you are used to playing with a shoe you like?

ZLATAN: No, you play in the shoes the people who pay put on your shoes. That's how it works on this level. Then they find a shoe for you and adjust it to your foot. That's how it is.

We were told that you and the medical team found something out about the injury last week. Was that the case, did you get any news about it last week?

ZLATAN: No, we've had a good grasp on it but we didn't know where in the healing process I was, considering they didn't really see what it was in the beginning. When we found out what it was, we didn't know if we were two or three weeks in the healing process, so that's where it's been some questions. But know it feels better. Three-four days before I played the last game with the club, everything turned. The pain disappeared and I could jog again. I haven't been able to jog for 1 1/2 month.

Are you eating piils or taking injections for the pain?

ZLATAN: In the beginning I did, the first two games (Ajax and Lyon). And that's where I think something happened. which wasn't supposed to happen. But now nothing (pills or injections). I was home in Sweden and did a MRI-scan on the 3rd and then we saw that there was still fluids in my achillens tendon. After that I took piils for two days to remove the fluids, and then everything turned around on those two days.

We've seen a more private side of you with for example the documentary. Has it been difficult to open up the private side and what reactions have you had?

ZLATAN: It hasn't been difficult, it's more that I wanted to share my side. There are many out there who wanted answers, and I got the chance to express myself, and not through you (the media), but directly to the people, to the fans who look up to me, support me and are behind and push me. It was my chance to express myself. And my father wanted it as well, he has his view on the whole thing so we thought he should be able to express himself so noone ends up in the shadows. It's been positive, everything has been good. But it's not supposed to be that people say "What a great documentary", it should be more that they should know the full story.

You've seen the Montenegro team and the two best players are probably the two "italians" , what can you say about them (Vučinić and Jovetić)?

ZLATAN: Good players. I remember Vučinić from Italy when he played in Roma and then he went to Juventus. He's a top player, he is the brain in that team. He likes to have the ball alot and control the game by sinking deep and also finishing attacks. Jovetić dominated in Fiorentina, he hasn't played as much in City but that doesn't mean he's a worse player. He's as dangerous as he was in Fiorentina so it's two players to watch out for.

You are soon playing France (18 November). Do you think it will be special to play in France and what do you think about the French team?

ZLATAN: I think every time I play in the Swedish jersey it's very special so it doesn't matter if it's against France, Montenegro or another team and first of all my focus is in Montenegro because that is the first game and it's a qualification-game. So the France-game has to come afterwards and I haven't thought alot about it but I think they have a fantastic team, many young players getting alot of responsibility so I think they have a good chance to do something big.

Was it important that you yourself were apart of the documentary, you are part owner of it etc?

ZLATAN: Am I? Am I part owner?

J: Yes.

Z: Is that important?

J: No, I'm wondering if it was important for you.

Z: No, but it seems important to you. Based on that you are mentioning it. It doesn't matter who owns it, does it? But of course I'm gonna be apart of it if it's about me. I know what I'm gonna say and what's happened but there are other people behind how it's being presented. But who is owner and that doesn't matter, does it?

J: How did the idea come up and how did the work progress?

Z: Firstly it was about these Swedish national team goals, and then things were added in the process so of course I wanted to be apart of it since I'm behind it. It's the same thing with the book (Zlatan's autobiography), it's the same with your blog (The journalist writes a quite big football-blog), right? Aren't you behind that?

J: Yes.

Z: There you go. There is no difference. Are you the owner of the blog?

J: No.

Z: Too bad. You should get a new agent. (*smiles)

You've before talked about John Guidetti and said it should happen more on the pitch. Now he's back in the Swedish national team, what do you say about that?

ZLATAN: Good, very good. It means he has listened. Or.. listened and listened, it means that things have happened. He has been playing, scoring alot of goals, and doing what he should be doing. That's how he should continue and let the feet speak for him. He has done it really well, that's why he is here in the national team. He has played in U21 and performed fantastic so it's just to keep going. The door has always been open but everything is about how well you play for your club. It's not just about him, it's the whole squad. If you don't perform, how are you gonna be selected in the national team? Everything comes down to how you perform in your club team, then you get the chance here. You can see that several players from Allsvenskan (Swedish league) are coming in so everything is about how you perform. Then it's up to Erik (Hamrén, Sweden manager) who he selects, who fits the best and who he gives the chance.

You've previously said that you are worried about what happens after you retire (in Sweden), now we see alot of young players in the team.

ZLATAN: So everybody has listened (*smiles).

What's your take on that? Do you welcome them in any special way?

ZLATAN: I think it's positive. They are the ones who have to come after. I'm not talking about what they will do and how they will develop, I'm talking about the present. This time there are extremely many new players but it's good with new blood, new energy, new players. They come in and shoudn't show too much respect but come here and play their game. To what they can and help us reach our goal and that's the EURO.

Another Swedish Football Awards and there has been alot of debate about men vs women, what's your take on it?

ZLATAN: I don't know, the only thing I see in the newspaper is that someone complains, someone is positive. It's like it's been all these years. It was a fantastic award show even if it was sad (two Swedish players had died and where tributed). I have been to many award shows.. What do you want? Do you want show or should you give out the awards to the people who deserve it? What do you want? You present awards and there is show in between and then everyone goes home. I don't understand what you want to get out of a football awards show. I don't know how many people were there, is everyone supposed to get an award to be happy? It's an award show we are talking about, it's about showing the players who have been the best and I think it's a shame about those who complain but you (media) are the ones who make it bigger than it should have been. For me it's not a big issue, I thought it was an awesome show.

It was mainly about them not highlighting Therese Sjogran (Swedish female player who has played most caps of all time) and that she had played 200 games, what do you think?

ZLATAN: I'm not involved in that. I don't have a clue. I don't even know what happened. Something TV4, here and there.. Swedish FA, here and there.. It's not my area. I got my award and I'm happy.


Are you ready for 90 minutes?

ZLATAN: We'll see. I didn't think I would be able to play 30 minutes last game but the adrenaline and the motivation was there so I just went for it. I didn't think about how much I could take, I just played. I was just happy to be able to get on the pitch and show what I can do. Just that gives you extra energy, so I didn't think bout the injury at all. I just went for it.

Source: Swedish FA.

2014.11.11 | Sportbladet


Today Sweden had their first training before the EURO 2016 qualification-game against Montenegro on Saturday. Zlatan trained a short period of time with the rest of the team before he went off the pitch to work in the gym. This was planned before, according to the Swedish staff, so nothing to worry about. Zlatan yesterday confirmed that his achilles tendon is not 100% but that it's moving forward every day.


Source: Sportbladet.

2014.11.09 | PSG-Lyon 2-0


Zlatan finally made his return after injury when he was back on Parc des Princes tonight. He was subbed in the 65th minute when PSG won the important game 2-0.



2014.11.08 | Zlatan Unplugged


Zlatan is fit and ready to play again! PSG manager just announced the PSG squad for tomorrow's game against Marseille and Zlatan Ibrahimović is in it!


Tomorrow night PSG is up against the Ligue 1 leaders Olympique Marseille in this year's first Le Classique. We are happy to hear that you are finally doing a comeback in the PSG squad after missing nine games due to injury. What are your thoughts before once again entering Parc des Princes, with the audience and the football world giving you full attention?

ZLATAN: "It feels really good to get out on the pitch again to do what I love. That's all there is to it."

After the lengthy injury which has kept you away from the game since September 21st, you were back in full training again yesterday together with the rest of the team. Can you describe the injury, what kind of injury is it and do you still feel it?

ZLATAN: "The injury is in the heel tendoin and I've had to work hard on it the last few weeks. Everything else that's been written about the injury is pure fiction. But sure, it might be good reading as some seem to have worse imagination than others."

While you have been away PSG has managed to win seven games and draw two. The team still hasn't lost a competition match all season. Are you happy with the season so far and how the team has played the matches you couldn't participate in?

ZLATAN: "The team has played really well. Their good work has meant that I have been able to work on getting back without with peace of mind, and that has felt really good."

Finally, are you back in the squad to be a "super sub" tomorrow if needed – or are you back to compete for a starting position?

ZLATAN: "That will be a surprise!"

Zlatan has missed 9 PSG-games since he last play 21 September against Lyon and scored his last PSG-goal 31 August against Saint-Etienne.


Source: Zlatan Unplugged.

2014.11.07 |


Zlatan trained with the team today. He looked very focused and seems to be potentially ready for Sunday's game against Marseille. No announcement has been made though, tomorrow Laurent Blanc announces the squad for Sunday's game.



2014.11.06 | psg/instagram


He is back! Or at least back in training. PSG just put this picture on their Instagram, with the caption "#zlatan #Ibrahimovic de retour sur le terrain" (#zlatan #Ibrahimovic "back on the field").

Let's hope everything goes well and that he is back playing games soon!


Source: PSG's official Instagram.

2014.11.06 |


PSG beat Apoel 1-0 in the 4th group round in the Champions League and are qualified for the knockout stage. Edinson Cavani opened the scoring already in the first minute and that became the end result, even though PSG had lots of opportunities to score more goals.


Voting Man of the Match om PSG's website:

1. Lucas, 39 %.

2. Pastore, 29 %.

3. Cavani, 20 %.


Barcelona beat Ajax 2-0 in Amsterdam after 2 goals from Lionel Messi.


Table UEFA Champions League Group F. All teams have played 4/6 games.

1. PSG, 10 points.

2. Barcelona, 9 points.

3. Ajax, 2 points.

4. Apoel, 1 point.


No announcement about Zlatan's injury and when he will be back has been made.



2014.11.05 |


Zlatan is not in the PSG squad for tonight's UEFA Champions League game vs Apoel. The injury is still not healed and even though Blanc has expressed optimism about it this week as well as Sweden manager Erik Hamrén when announcing Zlatan is in the Sweden squad for the two games in November, no answers or dates for comeback have been set.


PSG plays Marseille in "Le Classique" Sunday, hopes are (of course) he will play then.


The game starts 20.45 CET tonight.



2014.11.03 | Swedish FA


Sweden manager Erik Hamrén today announced the Sweden squad who are playing:

15/11 Montenegro (A), EURO 2016-qualification.

18/11, France (A), Friendly.



Hamrén said:

"I'm positive for Zlatan to play with PSG before these games but we don't know what will happen."

"When I spoke with him a couple of days ago, he sounded happy and felt good that day."


Zlatan was in the squad in the last two EURO qualifiers against Russia and Liechtenstein but didn't play at all, so the selection itself doesn't mean he will play.


PSG plays Apoel Wednesday and Marseille Sunday so the squad selections to those games will show if Zlatan is fit or not.


Source: Swedish FA.